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Free Guided Shore Dive & Snorkel 

That's right, you read correctly, FREE!!!

Here at Dive and Cruise, we appreciate the sense of community within the diving industry...So to show our appreciation we offer free guided shore dives EVERY SUNDAY!

All divers must be certified and snorkelers MUST know how to swim.

With over 400 different species found in the Seaway, the South Wall Seaway dive site is one of the most popular shore dives in South East Queensland as it offers a wonderful habitat for these creatures! 


The Seaway is the main navigation entrance from the Pacific Ocean into the Gold Coast Broadwater making it home to an array of marine life. There are three sets of stairs on the south side of the Seaway that lead down to the south wall dive site. An elevated pipeline which runs from south to north across the Seaway is great to explore with your dive guide as it's a place the Queensland Grouper's like to hang out!


The depth varies from 3m to 18m with an average of 10m. This dive can only be done when the tide is incoming, therefore, this dive site has to be scheduled according to the tides and should never be done on an outgoing tide. 

Click the 'Book Now' button below to join us on our next Sunday shore dive. 

Dive Time:

The meet time and dive time will vary as this dive site can only be explored on an ingoing tide. We will make you aware of the scheduled times the week of the scheduled dive.


We ask that you find your own form of transportation to The Spit car park. From there, is where you'll meet your Dive and Cruise dive guides, kit up, and embark on your shore dive!


Gear Hire:

Dive gear hire is $90 which includes a regulator with dive computer, BCD, fins, mask, wetsuit.

Snorkel gear hire is $30.

If you're hiring gear, we ask that you come to the Dive and Cruise shop an hour before your dive time to pick up your rentals. Our Dive and Cruise shop is located on the same driving route to your dive destination so it's an easy pick up and drop off process!

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